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Class Guides

Recommended Gems:

  • Cold Blooded: Increases magic attack by 100+ points when stacked 5 times by using quick attack skills.
  • Blazing: (Works with WI skill "Burning IV" Reducing magic defense of enemy while Burning does its damage over time.
  • Judge Gem: Adds 1151+ crit damage for 10 seconds with a 1 minute cooldown.
  • Glacial Blizzard: (lvl 50 gem; drops from last boss in CUF); Decreases enemy's movement speed.


These depend on your build and equips because if you have a lot of attack on your gear but are low on HP, you may want to put more on HP and vice-versa, but generally All Attack Types and Max HP are the main two. So either 2 on HP/1 on Attack per level, or 2 on Attack/1 on HP per level is recommended, depending on your build.

Stats on Gear:

  • All Attack Types:
  • Magic Attack:
  • Critical Accuracy:
  • Accuracy:
  • Evasion:
  • Attack Speed:

Recommended Runes:

  • All Attack Types x5:
  • Critical Accuracy x5:
  • Evasion x5:
  • Max HP x5:

Force Cores:

All Attack Types: Use these in all available slots.