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Guild Rules
Guild Rules

  • Sovereign is a laid back guild. We may afk at times, but the guild is far from dead. If you ask for help and no one answers, they may be afk. Do not get pissed about it, because real life comes first - always. If that means leaving a character afk for a while, that's fine.
  • Drama in guild is unacceptable. If you have an issue, address a leader (preferably on the website in a personal message with screenshots), not the entire guild.
  • Drama in world/in game may happen from time to time, it's impossible to avoid.. but repeated offenses makes the guild look bad. This can end in a guild ban.
  • What a Co-Admiral/Admiral/Leader says, goes. Captain and above ranks have the power to kick from guild if needed.
  • Sergeant and above can invite to guild. Ask one if you know someone wanting in the guild. If none are on, mail Fr0stbyte their username with a request to add.
  • Guild vault items (besides materials and alz) are available for a cheap 100k per item, but may be denied without question as well.
  • If you receive items from the guild vault, please try to contribute to the vault as well. Alz, gear, trinkets, etc.
  • DO NOT KS (Kill-Steal). Especially from other guild members. This makes the guild look bad.
  • Don't ask/beg for help on every little quest. Members are glad to help, but no one wants to run the game for you. If a quest is too hard for you, such as certain "world bosses" or a dungeon, surely someone will help when they have the time to.
  • Guild Inactivity limit is 1 month for now. A letter will be sent in-game before banning for inactivity with an invite to rejoin should you become active again.
  • Website Registration: Registrations must be approved by a guild leader, then your rank must be changed to Sovereign Elite on the website to access the majority of content.
  • Rules must be followed. We have very laid back rules compared to some, so this should be easy to do. If you break the rules and we're notified of it, you won't be kicked, but you will be warned.
  • More rules will be added as needed.