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Beginner's Guide

World Map

South City Map 1

1 - Agent Shop Manager Isaac
2 - Vault Manager Jinken
3 - Mail
4 - Grocer Gregory
5 - Instructor Obri

South City Map 2

1 - South Cartel Special Instructor
2 - South Cartel Agent Allister
2 - South Cartel Agent Agnus
2 - South Cartel Agent Beatris
3 - Hermit Quartermaster Mia
4 - South Cartel Supply Officer Jaekuri
5 - Rune Researcher Jiyu


1 - Heart Scale Cave (HSC)
2 - Dark, Glacier and Flame Citadels
3 - Advanced Glaciar Citadel
4 - Advanced Dark Citadel
5 - Advanced Flame Citadel

6 - Sweeping the Front Yard

Ramparts Goals:

⦿War: War happens three times daily, at 4:00, 12:00, & 20:00. Victory Song (10% buff to HP, MP, Phyical Atk and Magic Atk) is obtained for the winning faction for 6 hours (21 hours on Thursday - Saturday). In the picture below, the red area it's war zone.

⦿Nation War / Citadel Schedule - More info about the schedual for War and Citadel you will find here : Cabal 2 Forum.

⦿Skill Book Salesman: Keep your skills as up to date as possible.

⦿Faction Book Salesman: Purchase faction skills that may be changed out whenever you like. (Skills may be purchased between levels 1-5 for Passive Stat Skills, and between levels 1-3 for Active Skills.) Higher level skills require more available Faction Points to be able to use them.

⦿Obtain a 47 Crafted Heroic Set and a level 50 Crafted Heroic Set

⦿At lv 47 you well receive some quest what you can do every day (daily's quest or daily's - in game). You will have quest in war area and in neutral area.

⦿In war area are 3 big boss with a hight damege. In the picture below, the red area it's the boss zone. The boss it's change by the Game Master after a maintenance. Where you see that red triangle, it's mean the boss it's in that area. So check the boss area befor you go in war area to do the daily's quest.