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Class Guides

Recommended Gems:

  • Large Theo's Mercy: (lvl 50 gem; drops from last boss in CUF); [Theo's Mercy] provides damage reduce effect for party members within 30 meters. Cooldown increases to 5 minutes.
  • Perfect Resurrection: Revives target with full HP & MP.
  • Merciful Gift: Increases amount of heals and can stack up to 5 times.


Stats on Gear:

  • Healing Power:
  • Critical Accuracy:
  • Evasion:
  • Max HP:
  • Magic Attack:
  • Attack Speed:

Recommended Runes:

  • Healing Power x5:
  • Critical Accuracy x5:
  • Max HP x5:
  • Evasion x5 or Defense x5:

Force Cores:

Defense or Evasion: Use these in all available slots depending on build.

For a much more in-depth guide for your priest, Soorty has made a website dedicated to this purpose.
Feel free to check it out at