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Beginner's Guide

World Map

City Map

1 - Instructor Leina Tanker
2 - Teleport Gate
3 - Mail
4 - Vault Keeper Laban Carpy
5 - Equipment Merchant Sarah Meco
6 - Grocer Mora
7 - Grocer Paparo
8 - Pub Owner Holly

Lethe Island Goals:

⦿Reach lv 10: Reaching level 10 is relatively easy. Once level 10, you'll be able to use World Chat and also take part in Monster Arena/PVP Arena.

⦿Learn the Map Tool: Press M to open the Map. You can find your way around and locate NPCs much easier this way.

⦿Quest Auto Guide: If you double click your quest (or if you double click an NPC name on the map screen, or click anywhere on the map), your character will automatically begin to run to that quest turn-in location, NPC, or pre-designated location.

⦿Train on Dummies: Training on the dummies can help you get used to skills. Training on weaker mobs can do the same while gaining some experience along the way.

⦿Healing your char and staying alive: Remember to place potions on your HotBar and get used to using them. Cabal 2 is one game that, unlike its predecessor, HP/MP potions are not used automatically when in need.

⦿Meet Ostrich Salesman & Buy Ostrich for 200,000 Alz (Slow, beginners mount, but permanent - unlike the one the game gives you to begin with.)

⦿Skill Book Salesman: Keep your skills as up to date as possible.

⦿Monster Arena/ PVP Arena: Level 10+ (Press X to Open the Menu for these)

⦿Beat Frostrock Forest Dungeon (Note that you only get ONE entry per day for this dungeon - the rest are 20 entries per day.)