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Beginner's Guide

World Map

City Map

1 - Instructor Rockmond Jamal
2 - Mail
3 - Teleport Gate
4 - Vault Keeper Toby
5 - Agent Shop Manager Margy Roger
6 - Equipment Merchant Bario
7 - Grocer Phils
8 - Pub Owner Velini


1 - Heavenly Citadel (HC) (Normal & Challenge Mode)
2 - Sky Gardens (SG)
3 - Evil Forest Lantana Abysmocore (Lantana)

Labyrinth Forest Goals:

⦿Collect Purple Items: Lantana level 35 set and Semiramiss level 40 set

⦿Lantana Dungeon: Level 35+. Daily quest & also a great place to farm for purple grade gear to extract for essences.

⦿Skill Salesman: Keep your skills as up to date as possible.

⦿Mantle Salesman: (Note that you can get a Mantle from Lantana at lvl 35, but may purchase one here at lvl 40 if you don't have one by then.)