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Beginner's Guide

World Map

City Map 1

1 - Instructor Arios Yanu
2 - Teleport Gate
3 - Vault Keeper Vetrick
4 - Agent Shop Manager Kate
5 - Mail
6 - Grocer Seygun
7 - Equipment Merchant Jesse
8 - Food Vendor Notella Sweet

City Map 2

1 - Alliance Camp Supply Officer Dipho
2 - Mercemary Officer Eidan
3 - Curia Scholar Affrabi
4 - South Cartel Agent Hoke
5 - Rune Engineer Isabella
6 - Nation Choose (Appear only at lv 45 and after quest done it's disappear)


1 - Calm Snowy Fields (CSF) (Normal & Challenge Mode)
2 - Ancient Research Center (ARC)
3 - Cain's Tomb (CT) (Normal & Challenge Mode)

Gray Canyon Goals:

⦿Obtain level 43 Frostwind Trinkets from CSF and/or level 45 Law Ruler Trinkets from ARC/CT.

⦿Obtain a level 44 Crafted Heroic Set or 45 Law Ruler/Dark Wing Set.

⦿Obtain Gems: Note: Equip level 40! Different gems may be obtained for 10,000 Honor Points.

⦿Challenge Mode Dungeons: For level 45+ Lupurs, HoR, HC, and CSF become CM Dungeons in which you can obtain Challenge Points to purchase Runes with (or if you're lucky, they may drop from the chest at the end of a run.)

⦿Purchase Quests Merchant: May be taken at level 45+. NPC (South Cartel Agent Hoke) isn't listed on the map, but his location is shown below.

⦿Skill Salesman: Keep your skills as up to date as possible.

⦿Runes Agent: Rune Engineer Isabella

⦿Choose a Nation (level 45+) More information on Nations/Factions/Cartels can be found here.