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Beginner's Guide

World Map

City Map 1

1 - Instructor Shuran Glance
2 - Teleport Gate
3 - Mail
4 - Vault Keeper Arionce
5 - Equipment Merchant Hoje
6 - Grocer Ricky
7 - Force Crystal Grocer Lusil
8 - Grocer Sotis
9 - Innkeeper Tonio
10 - Agent Shop Manager Kirisina

City Map 2

1 - Croa Rein - Frozen Coin excenge
2 - Ancient Land Force League Leader Himmel Mauntiner - Conquest point
2 - Mercemary Chieg Officer Lion - Honor Point
2 - Guard Captain Armstrong - Abysmo Point
3 - Guild Officer Chee'ze
4 - Engineering Merchant Phoebe
5 - Blacksmith Merchant Benjamin
6 - Alchemy Merchant Penster
7 - Tailoring Merchant Laophirin


1 - Lupurs Excavation Site (Normal & Challenge Mode)
2 - Calvinus' Underground Fortres (CUF) - NOT recommended for Beginner's

Frey Hilltown Goals:

⦿Obtain Gems: Note: Equip level 40! Different gems may be obtained for 10,000 Conquest Points, 10,000 Honor Points, or 50,000 Abysmo Points.

⦿Agent Shop: Agent Shop can be found first in Frey Hilltown and Clana Island. May not be very useful for lower level players, but then again it may. You can buy and sell almost anything there.

⦿Skill Book Salesman: Keep your skills as up to date as possible.

⦿Lupurs Excavation Site Dungeon

⦿Points Shop: Abysmo, Conquest, Honor: Abysmo Points are gained from any Abysmo mobs. Conquest Points are gained from defeating mini-bosses and main bosses within dungeons. Honor Points are gained through Arena, Forgotten Temple, and Maelstrom Castle. (All may be obtained in small amounts as Daily Login Rewards as well.)

⦿Force Crystal Shop: Trade Force Crystals to get HP/MP Brews, Revive Stones, etc. For more information on Force Crystals, please check the F.A.Q.