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Recommended Gems:

  • Revenge: When an attack skill is used, there is a chance that critical accuracy will be increased and can be stacked 5 times.
  • Rapid Thunderbolt: Allows use of Thunderbolt with an instant cast and does not use up any recharges so you can constantly replenish mana, build charges for attacks or the power of lightning buff.
  • Incapacitating Slash: Party members do 2% more damage to the target (may be stacked 3 times).

  • Graceful Touch: (For solo play) Use as a free hp potion.
  • Fierce Electron Discharge: (lvl 50 gem; drops from last boss in CUF); [Electron Discharge]'s skill duration increases to 45 seconds.


These depend on your build and equips because if you have a lot of attack on your gear but are low on HP, you may want to put more on HP and vice-versa, but generally All Attack Types and Max HP are the main two. So either 2 on HP/1 on Attack per level, or 2 on Attack/1 on HP per level is recommended, depending on your build.

Stats on Gear:

  • All Attack Types:
  • Magic Attack:
  • Accuracy:
  • Critical Rate:
  • Evasion:
  • Attack Speed:

Recommended Runes:

  • All Attack Up:
  • Critical Accuracy:
  • Attack Speed:
  • Evasion:
  • Max HP:

Force Cores:

All Attack Types: Use these in all available slots.