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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Guild FAQ

Q: What are the differences in ranks in the guild?
A: Please refer to this forum thread for all guild ranking information.

Q: How long is the inactivity limit in the guild before someone is banned for being inactive?
A: Currently, the inactivity limit until ban is 1 month. This may change in time, though. Refer to this thread for current information.

Game FAQ

Q: What all can I get from the special chests such as Lunar Chests, Astral Chests, Cosmic Chests, etc?
A: Please refer to this thread on the Cabal 2 Forums for that information.

Q: How can I raise my faction level quicker?
A: You can use Quick Faction Scrolls I (10% bonus) & II (20% bonus) before turning in dailies. Turning quests in during war-times (4, 12, and 20) can also net you an extra 25% bonus faction experience. For those with Booster Pack Premium, you also get an extra 20% bonus to faction experience. - That comes to a total of 75% extra faction experience you can gain daily (even more when Cabal gives us weekend faction bonuses.)

Q: What time do dailies/dungeon counts/etc reset?
A: 4:00 server time

Q: At what level, when upgrading a piece of equipment, can it be destroyed?
A: Please refer to this forum thread for that info and more information on upgrading. ^_^

Q: What time is war/when do citadels open?
A: Please refer to this forum thread for that info. ^_^

Q: Where can I get a pet?
A: You can obtain a pet from either the Cash Shop (using eCoin), the Agent Shop (alz), or from a dungeon drop from the last boss (rare, but very doable).

Q: How can I get slots on my pet?
A: You can obtain ONE free Fortified Pet Food by hitting Y (for Achievements) and scroll down to the dog. Click and gain reward! (Note this is only available 'after' you obtain a pet.) Otherwise, you can get Fortified Pet Food from the Cash Shop (eCoin) or from any of the Honor Points Officers (Frey Hilltown, Gray Canyon, or Ramparts) for 7,000 Honor Points each.

Q: How do I add stats to my pet once I have slots?
A: Pet Training Manuals. These can be obtained from any of the Officers (Abysmo=50,000 points; Conquest=15,000 points; Honor=5,000 points).

Q: If I reset my pet at the Pet Trainer on Clana Island, do all abilities get erased?
A: Yes, they do.

Q: Which Mounts are available?
A: Currently, the only ones available to buy in-game are bought in Lethe Island (Ostrich for about 300k, I think).. or from the Merchant in Desertfort (Sant for 3m alz). The others are only available in Cash Shop, Chests or, if you have the alz, you can choose from a few different ones in the Agent Shop.

Q: How do I obtain Force Crystals and what are they good for?
A: Doing the Monster Arena is the main way, since you not only get Force Crystal Pieces for each successful arena attempt.. but you can also go to Menu > Ranking and check your rank. After the Monster Arena resets, you can go back to the Menu > Ranking area and claim your reward (which is free Force Crystals). - As for what they can be used for, check out this forum thread for more information.

Q: What are the benefits of the Premium service?
A: The benefits of purchasing premium service allows players to receive currency boosts in-game. There are many different types of currencies in-game, encompassing the PvE & PvP elements of the title. Alongside these boosts, certain convenience features are at the user’s disposal, such as remote auction house, vault, crafting.

Informative FAQ

Q: How can I set up a "Whispers-only" box?
A: Please refer to this forum thread for that info. ^_^

Q: What is a Game Master(GM)?
A: Game Masters(GM) are ESTgames Employees. They help players with game related issues, disputes, and they also police the game to thwart any illegal activity.

Q: Why isn't my ticket being answered?
A: The wait time for each tickets is based on the number of tickets currently in the queue, when it was sent, and the difficulty of the issue.