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Beginner's Guide

World Map

City Map

1 - Teleport Gate
2 - Mail
3 - Vault Keeper Mack
4 - Agent Shop Manager Leonia

Clana Island Goals:

Crafting 101

1 - Blacksmith Merchant Thor + Crafting area
2 - Mine Union Manager Rachel

3 - Engineering Merchant Marissa + Crafting area
4 - Gas Union Manager Barfus

5 - Tailoring Merchant Melinda + Crafting area
6 - Forestry Union Manager Russ Veliona

7 - Alchemy Merchant Anon Erok + Crafting area
8 - Agricultural Union Manager Brandon

⦿ At every union must wait 2 hours/request for a item production.
⦿ At each union for the first 2 item product you need 1 slot, for the 3rd item product you need 2 slots and for the 4th item product you need 3 slots.
⦿ For detail about crafting or material what you need for crafting you can ask in game on guild chat or check the website section here:

Pets 101

Tamer Tauranon - Here you can:
1 - Shop: "Pet Training Manual" with 2KK/manual & "Pet Retraining Manual" with 900K/manual
2 - Pet Retraining. You have to wait a while, depends on the number of slots occupied. Don't need "Pet Retraining Manual".
3 - Expand Pet Slot. You need "Fortified Pet Food" for each slot. Maxim number of slot per pet it's 10.

⦿ Pet Training Manual - These books can also be bought with Conquest Points (15K/book), Abysmo Points (50K/book) and Honor Points (5K/book). You can find them on tha last page at special NPC on "Frey Hilltown", Gray Canyon or Ramparts. Also you can buy them from Cash Shop (with real money).
⦿ Fortified Pet Food - These you can buy with Honor Points (7K/food). Also you can buy from Cash Shop (with real money).