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Welcome to the Official Website of Sovereign!!
Welcome to the web-site of Sovereign!! We aim for a guild that is friendly, helpful, and non-threatening, allowing members to play the game in whichever way they would like to! We strive to be as helpful as possible and hope that our actions will be reflected throughout the guild. =] We understand that not everyone has high stats that others require for certain dungeons - we'll run with you anyway as long as we know it's do-able. We also understand that real life comes first and foremost, as fatal and I have jobs and two kids ourselves. So while the guild is our online family, real life must take priority. So we understand yours does also. ^_^ -Fr0st

Please read the Guild Rules

If anyone has any problems, with the guild or members, feel free to message/mail Frostbyte or fataldesires and we'll do our best to solve your issue.
Contact on the website with screenshots if there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Discord invite link for the Sovereign Channel is on the Discord page:
(Must register to obtain link - or ask for it in-game. This is to keep non-guild/banned players out of our channel.)

Discord invite link for the Cabal 2 Community Channel is:

Cabal 2 Community Discord